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New discovery

I did not know this oil exists in the cold pressed versko. Great for salads

Great taste

Excellent pumpkin seed oil

Outstanding oil

Over years we received or bought different pumpkin oils from our homeland, this one stands out.

Amazing salami

This salami is incredibly flavorful. Something to chew slowly and really savor. Highly recommend!
Thank you Janja and Matjan!

This is what öko-olive oil making is all about

Had a wonderful time at Nina's olive grove, the amazing degustation and her lovely personality made it a great experience.


Super, I wish you all the best, this is super idea and I really surprised that in the box are really prfect product.Jason go on.

Goodies from the homeland

Beautifully and tastefully packaged, nicely matching the content within, surprised by what all my homeland is hiding in her bosom - people and food wise. Looking forward to my next adventure

Excellent experience

Just enough of each components to get a "taste" of the country. Can't wait for the followinf months.

Very good idea & tasty goods

We‘re looking forward to next box; the first one from Slovenia it was just wonderful. All the best for the traveling and bringing us new ideas about food or our travel plans for the future.

Very good idea & tasty goods

We‘re looking forward to next box; the first one from Slovenia it was just wonderful. All the best for the traveling and bringing us new ideas about food or our travel plans for the future.

Looking forward to a Sicily box :)

A great intro to Slovenia’s culinary delights

The Cultisan box is a box of joy. All the items are beautifully packed and even the unboxing is a sensory experience. The food inside is artisanal and delicious. The videos explaining the contents are informative as well as entertaining. Can’t wait for the next one.

Great things in one package

Just opening the box was an awsome experience, with everything neatly packed among hay and labeld with care.
The products all made sense as a whole representing Slovenia and the producers in a wonderfull way.
I or better yet we (my wife and inlaws) enjoyd every last bite and sip of goodness that came with it.

Wonderful selection of tastes of Slovenia

The whole Cultisan adventurers pack experience was wonderful. Purchase made easy via the app, to the door delivery in nice packaging. When opening the package, the kitchen filled with the smell of hay. And all the goodies nicely packed. Even though I am Slovene, I loved the variety of the produce as well as the quality. There were some new found products in there that I loved - so will be looking to re-stock on them via Cultisan; the cheese, pumpkin oil, roasted pumpkin seeds and wine will definitely be ordered again. Looking forward to experience tastes of other regions!

Food for fun.

I just love the idea that I can try unique and high quality food from these farmers, I’d never discover otherwise. There’s a certain romance watching the videos Cultisan publish about each producer, watching the process and the live these makers have for their animals, their farm and their product. Then it arrived on your doorstep. Sitting down with an organic wine, eating cheese from happy cows, a sprinkling of honey from bees and tasting the pollen from where they are is somewhat quite wonderful. It’s taught me to appreciate my what I eat daily. It’s really quite lovely.


There was a small issue with shipping, but the Support team was very quick and communicative and resolved it quickly. The contents of the box were all in good order, nicely wrapped and as described. I was pleased and genuinely impressed with the quality of the products inside. I laid out the items to come to temperature and spent the next 30 minutes looking over the videos in the app. The combination of the short interviews and intimate footage of the location where the items were made has a great effect on the experience of consuming them! I love it! Every item was top notch. The salami was particularly delicious, and I'll be ordering one from the farmer's market to go into my next box. Love the Cultisan concept and thoroughly enjoyed the food. Looking forward with great anticipation for the upcoming Sicily box. Thank you, Cutlisan! Keep it up!

Delicious delights - beautifully packed and presented

I'm a big fan of the Cultisan concept - so was excited to open my first Adventurer's pack from Slovenia. I was very impressed with the presentation and packing of each item, and the box would make a wonderful gift for any foodie.

The selection of Slovenian treats was lovely; a generous spead of things to try, from wine to roasted pumpkin seeds to delicious cheese. I also love how you can learn more about each producer by scanning the QR codes which take you to videos within the Cultisan app; it's very cool being able to see and hear from the people who make each item.

My only suggestion is that the founder - Jason Hartely - needs to be on camera more! He's an entertaining and passionate host making him an ideal guide to the places and producers that Cultisan select. Overall - I highly recommend the Cultisan boxes and videos.

Can't wait for the next box

Beautiful packaging, swift delivery and rare, delicious finds! Love the farmer directory in the app too. Will make for great travel tips this summer.

The Cultisan Adventurer's Pack

True to promises

We enyojed the content of the first package very much. Recomend to all who appreciate traditional slovenian cuisine.

Great Concept - Delicious Sampler - Wonderful Experience

I thoroughly enjoyed my first Adventure Pack which this month was from Slovenia. The salami, oils, honey, ocvirki spread, Tolmin cheese and other goodies were delicious. I'm a big fan of macerated amber wines and that was wonderful as well.

Watching the videos of these local artisans, winemakers and farmers, seeing where and how they make everything, and then sampling their goods, creatively presented in Cultisan's Adventure Pak, makes for a rewarding personalized culinary experience. I felt much more connected to the food and drink I was tasting. In most cases I would never have the opportunity to know about or purchase these local products so their availability on Cultisan's marketplace is great.

I love the Cultisan concept. I look forward to exploring other countries and regions with them.