Taste Brda, Slovenia (7 Nights - Goriška Brda)

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Price per person sharing a double room based on 6-8 people participating

Adventure to an undiscovered region in one of Europe's undiscovered gems of a country. Nestled in the West of Slovenia and straddling the North East of Italy lies Goriška Brda. 

This landscape of rolling vineyards, cherry, apricot, and almond trees dotted with white churches and villages is often compared to the best of Tuscany but Brda is no ones poorer relation. It’s a beautiful area with a complex history. All of this has shaped its unique ‘Briški’ culture. 

It’s only in recent years its staggering beauty and wonderful wines have come to wider international attention and whilst it may be inevitable that Goriška Brda will become an increasingly popular destination for tourists, Taste With Jase is dedicated to ensuring this happens in a way that benefits the local producers and wider community.  



The following is an indication of the agenda, the weather, people's availability and other factors always play a role so the actual agenda may vary. Also, note that Jase loves surprises so not everything is included below.


Your base, in the Brda village of Vipolže, is 60 minutes drive from the international airport in Trieste, and 90 minutes from airports in Ljubljana and Venice. 

You'll settle in then meet Jase and head out to a gentle start to the week with a local winemaker before he prepares a welcome dinner.


After breakfast at your accommodation, you'll meet up with a local forager and head out on a morning walk around the area learning about fruit and fauna that defines the region before lunch using those local products (which will vary by season).

After lunch, you'll join Jase for a session on preserving, pickling, and fermenting. You'll have a little time to yourself before enjoying a very British tradition with Slovenian produce. A Sunday Roast dinner cooked by Jase. 


We'll head north to a spectacular village on the shelf of a mountain in the Triglav national park of Slovenia. Here we'll meet a local cheesemaker, one of three in the village, who tends to their alpine cattle and make the internationally recognised Tolminc cheese and we will enjoy a very special setting for lunch.

After that we'll head to the nearby town of Kobarid which sits on the stunning glacial Soča river, you'll get some time to yourselves to explore before we head to dinner at a restaurant with a cult following and the sister restaurant to internationally renowned Hiša Franko.


You'll have time to relax before getting stuck into a masterclass on curing, sausage making, and basic home butchery followed by lunch.

Tuesday afternoon and evening are free time to explore. You can relax at the accommodation, or sample one of a number of local restaurants in surrounding villages catering to different tastes and budgets. Jase can give you all the tips you need to explore on your own terms.


We'll head to the stunning Vipava valley. Here you’ll meet the makers of one of Slovenia's most revered cheeses, aged in caves. The Vipava Valley is renowned as a wine region in its own right so it would be rude not to stop off at a local maker and sample their hard work.

You'll have a couple of hours of free time to relax before we head to one of the leading winemakers in the Brda region. Here's you'll meet the young brothers taking this vineyard forward and we'll spend time talking about the truth of winemaking and some of the less savoury aspects of the global wine industry as well as learning what to look for when buying wine.

You will of course get to taste the wines from their vineyard and have dinner made by Jason in their beautiful tasting room.


We'll take a morning's break from the food and wine and head over the border to Udine in Italy, a beautiful place to enjoy coffee and wander around. You'll get some tips and be left to enjoy the morning to yourselves exploring. On the way back we'll stop at one of a number of amazing vineyards on the Italian side of the Collio that are run by displaced Slovenians who suddenly found themselves Italian when the border moved after the second world war. We'll have a little taste and a light lunch.

You'll have some time to yourself before we head to meet another young winemaker and yet another view to die for where Jase will make dinner. 


After a leisurely morning we'll head to a local micro olive oil farmer for a tasting and a little olive oil lesson. Jase will put on a lunch in a very special setting.

A final special dinner and wine tasting with another local winemaker will then follow in the evening.


With a heavy heart and most likely a heavy head it's a final breakfast and check-out. Connections to airports can be arranged on request for an additional fee.