Curated By Jase - Travel Consulting


Whilst the group adventures on Taste With Jase are wonderful experiences that allow people to get to know each other, and the destinations, there are many people who prefer traveling on their own terms and without mingling with people they don't know. I myself travel a lot like this. 

It is for that reason I offer a Curated By Jase service where I can help you create your own perfect experience when traveling to Slovenia, Italy, or Croatia.

I have been visiting Slovenia and Croatia since 2003, and Italy since 2006. What I don't know I can easily find out through my network. As well as being an award-winning restauranteur and chef I've also been a consultant in marketing and communications for over twenty years so I know how to make clients happy.

My areas of specific expertise are: 

Slovenia (All)

Croatia (Istria, Split, and the islands)

Italy (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Sicily, Naples & Amalfi, Puglia)

The Complementary Virtual Meet & Greet is a 20-minute call or video chat to say hello and to see that I am a real human and that we click and get on. No advice or consulting is provided in this call, it's purely an introduction.

The Personalised Recommendation option works as follows:

  • We have a 30-minute phone call or video chat to discuss your requirements. Where you want to go, what type of budget you are on, and when you are looking at going. 
  • I will go away and come back to you with a set of recommendations on places to stay, food and wine-related places to visit (such as specific farms, winemakers etc), and places to eat and drink based on what you have said.
  • We then have a second 30-minute phone call to follow up on the recommendations.

If you would like me to come up with a specific itinerary, check availability, and make reservations for you so your trip is all good to go for you then select the Full Itinerary Planning option.

If you have something else in mind just hit the chat or the contact form and let me know.