Gorazd Kocbek's Organic Cold Pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil (250ML)

Gorazd Kocbek is the current master miller in the Kocbek family Oil mill.
The Kocbek family name is famous across the world for pumpkin oil. The Kocbek Oil mill was established in 1929 by Alojz Kocbek. He passed his knowledge and experience from generation to generation and each added something of their own.
The Kocbek Oil Mill uses its long-lasting tradition, knowledge, and experience to offer top quality and unique non-refined oils to all the customers, who value their health. Their oils are processed with a minimum purity of 98% from carefully selected seeds, cleaned by using a natural process without any additives (colourants, antioxidants, etc.). They are known for cold pressed oils, especially pumpkin seed oils that are a staple on every Slovenian dining table used on salads, savoury dishes but work with ice cream as well.
Their Organic Cold Pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil is made only from selected pumpkin seeds of the highest quality. Before the cold pressing begins the seeds don't go through any mechanical or thermal processes, resulting in an oil that is slightly lighter in colour and gentler in taste.