Liliana Garaffa's Artisan Sicilian Pasta


Family patriarch Vincenzo Garaffa has a genuine love for his land. This led to him creating a farm in a quiet corner of Sicily that produces an ancient Sicilian wheat variety, Russello. 

Mainly cultivated in the province of Ragusa, Russello flour appears slightly dark, and very aromatic and thanks to the very low glycemic index is more digestible than industrial flour. It’s a type of wheat and flour that is at risk of disappearance in the face of industrialized strains. 

The family's artisan pasta factory is run exclusively by women. Led by Vincenzo's daughter Liliana they make pasta the likes of which you have never seen or tasted. The secret is the use of an ancient rare Sicilian grain of wheat, Russello. This natural wheat has a low glycemic index which makes it far more easily digestible than modern processed wheat.

I visited in the summer of 2021 and was blown away by the appearance of the pasta, rougher than modern pasta - therefore better at holding sauces too. It cooks to al-dente fantastically and even served simply with wonderful olive oil tastes fantastic, I promise you this is one of those products where there is a before and after, and once you taste it you can't go back to eating the industrialised alternative from the supermarkets.

I have two selection boxes of her pasta on offer, one with artisan Russello flour and another one with wholegrain Russello flour. 

The Russello Flour box contains 16 x 500g packs of pasta, each a different style. From the lesser-known Sicilian shapes of Busiate and Casarecce to the classics like Penne, and Spaghetto. 

The wholegrain Russello flour box contains 14 x 500g packs.

As Taste With Jase is a small business and not a supermarket they are on pre-order, when I have a minimum of 10 orders I will process the order. This is also more sustainable than constantly shipping individual packs of pasta around Europe. I hope you understand.