Borut Blažič's Natural Blaž Rdeče (Blaž Noir) 2008


The farm is run by Borut Blažič who is the third generation of winemakers. His farm dates back to 1890 when his great-grandfather Peter Blažič bought the farm and dedicated it to wine- and fruit-growing. Today three generations live and work together on the farm. They diligently pursue the idea of being nature-friendly in both grape and wine production. In practice, this means that the biggest and most important work is done in the vineyard, where most of the quality is born, which they then carefully mature with conscientious winemaking in their wine cellar.
The wines basically »just« continue the story from the vineyard. The main characteristic of wines produced (among which they are especially proud of the traditional Brda varieties: rebula and sauvignonasse), due to the nature-friendly way of producing grapes and turning them into wine, are extremely characterful and varietal wines that are truly and irreplaceable theirs.

Blaž Rdeče (Blaž noir) is a variety of merlot which is blended with cabernet sauvignon to create their most prestigious red wine. The Blaž Rdeče is only produced in the best vintage years and is a highly exclusive product. It is of rich and deep ruby colour with red and violet shades. The aroma is complex and rich –with overripe berries and plums in the foreground, and the scent of spices and dark chocolate in the background. It has a bold and proud body with velvety tannins and a long-lasting fruity aftertaste. The wine still carries the potential for further ageing.