The V.I.T Package


Are you ready to become a Very Important Taster?

This is the opportunity to support Taste With Jase and get some very exclusive life-long value.

There will only ever be TEN VIT packages on offer!

What do you get?

  1. A 25% discount for life on everything Taste With Jase offers (adventures, tours, events, products). One place on one of my food adventures would save you hundreds of Euros! You will make your money back and then some.
  2. If you live in Europe (including the UK) I will come to your home - at my expense - and give every backer a 3-course dinner party for 6 people including wine tastings.
  3. You will get the chance to book/purchase any new event/adventure/product 24 hours before anyone else.
  4. You will be invited to an annual V.I.T backers event in the vineyards of Goriška Brda just for the V.I.T's and guests including entry and food with all drinks at a discounted price.
  5. If for whatever reason the business doesn't make it to April 1st, 2023 then your 2k turns into a personal loan guaranteed by me (Jase) personally at 3% interest repayable over 2 years. Other than death or serious illness I don't see a possibility for this as the business model is meant for one person to deliver, and I also do small amounts of consulting to supplement Taste With Jase until it flourishes!

All funds raised from the V.I.T packages will be reinvested in the Taste With Jase business to unearth and share more amazing products and stories and, to put on more food adventures and event.

If you have any questions just hit the chat icon and ask away!