Tine & Živa's Direct Trade Coffee Hand Roasted in Slovenia


Coffee?? From Slovenia? Yes, we know it may seem an odd one but this is a very important one for Cultisan. Back in 2015, we met Tine Čokl and Živa Lopatič the two people behind Buna coffee in Slovenia. More passionate people in sustainability you will not find. They have spent years developing relations with Fairtrade coffee producers, travelling to meet the farmers in person in the likes of Ethiopia, Colombia and Rwanda and endure direct trade fair prices to the growers. Tine then hand roasts small batches and serves the coffee via his iconic Čokl cafe in Ljubljana or to many of Slovenia's leading restaurants, including the two Michelin star Hiša Franka from Ana Roš. There is so much coffee for sale in the world but we are confident that here in Slovenia we have found the most passionate, sustainable coffee providers you can find and they are a business we are equally passionate about supporting.

This current batch is the well-known arabica species, even boasted about by a popular burger chain in their commercials, but just because something has the same name doesn't mean it's the same product.


Species: arabica (Coffea arabica)
Variety: caturra in castillo
Type of plantation: sun grown
Processing: washed
Terroir: volcanic soil, 1.700-2.000 meters above sea level
Producer: Cooperativa de Occidente (72 families), altogether 140 hectares 
Origine: Giraldo, Antioquia – Colombia
Roasted weekly in Slovenia, the date of roasting will be written on the packaging.